About Us


"Who are we and what makes us think that we can do it?" is likely the question on your mind if you came here. And it should be. We're a little, but nimble company called Sad Cat Software, and we've been releasing a number of iOS, Mac, and now Windows games, most notably Ultraviolet Dawn, Train Titans, and Violet Storm.

Before that (and for a while in conjuction with) we were working on various 3D software applications at Okino Computer Graphics and Side Effects Software. This provided us with plenty of experience and insight into how professional software should be developed, and seriously boosted our skills.

All of the above combined means we have lots of experience with pretty much anything graphics-related, from mobile real-time games to core graphics algorithms and professional-grade content-creation 3D software. So that takes care of the "knowledge" part. But what about the "how"?

Well, despite being small, we're not actually starting from scratch. First, we're planning to rely on some well-known open-source libraries, also known as the "standing on the shoulders of giants" part (don't worry, we'll be in full compliance with any license terms required). Just as importantly, while working on our iOS games we weren't just rewriting the code every time - instead, for three years, we kept building, testing and optimizing a cross-platform, hardware-accelerated, generic UI framework that underpinned all of our games. Combining these, it is clear that the amount of work of our project is greatly reduced, and is completely doable by a company of our size.

But, overall, we're just a bunch of people who are passionate about bringing to life an idea that can improve the lives of countless artists and designers, and just possibly revolutionize the entire industry itself. And if you don't belive us, come back in a little while and see what we have to offer. The wait isn't going to be that long, trust us. :)

- Sad Cat Software Dev Team